FUMA - PODS 6% NIC(5ct Box)

  • Compatible Pods

  • Pack included 4 Pods

  • 6% Salt Nic by weight

  • Capacity 1ml each Pod
  • 5 PACKS PER BOX     

    Blue B Ice: The Fuma Pods Blue B Ice contains within a fine combination of the tastiest berries, whilst providing the senses with quenching of their nic cravings 

    Smooth Strawberry: The FUMA Smooth Strawberry Pods have been designed for the consumer to experience a soothing, luscious version of the contemporary strawberry flavor.

    Green Apple: Fuma pods Green Grapple.

    Pure Pineapple: FUMA Pure Pineapple Pods have been designed to provide the best flavor pod experience.

    Cool Melon: Enjoy the fresh rush of cool watermelon with every puff, as you enter the heart and soul of the fruit itself.

    Sweet Litchi: These pods filled with lychee flavor.

    Pure Mango: Pure sweet and juicy mango flavor that will make your taste buds go crazy!

    Blue Razz Fresh: The Fuma Pods Blue Razz Fresh is the epitome of perfection, made from a combination of nic salts, glycerin, and propylene glycol. 

    Multi-Pack: Fuma Multi Pack 4 Pods.

    Empty Pods 4ct: EMPTY PODS Pack of 4 Fuma unfilled Juul compatible pods.