Posh Disposable Device 1.8ml 

New from Fuma Vapors, the Posh disposable kit is great for the beginner vaper or the on-the-go active vaper. All the great things about vaping made simple, ready for use right out of the packaging. The Posh contains 1.5ML of delicious e-liquid with a 6% (60 mg) nicotine level 

Blue B Ice: These disposable devices will please your taste buds in an easy all in one device.

Frozen Grape: The Posh Frozen Grape Disposable Pod Device will give you a crazy trip with flavor and intensity. 

Mango Frost: This silky exotic mango and freezing menthol have been pressed into e-liquid form to present a madhouse of flavor.

Pure Pineapple: With every inhale, your taste buds are treated to fresh pineapple slices.

Cool Melon: This ripe flavor combines crisp melon with the sweetness of cantaloupe and a refreshing hint of cucumber.

Lush Ice: LushIce is a Delicious Burst of Fresh Watermelon on the Inhale with sweet undertones of Mixed Melons and smooth Menthol on the Exhale, providing a Smooth and Fruity All-Day Vaping Experience!

Pink Lemonade: Sweet and sour.