• LOGIC - PRO KIT (5ct Box)

LOGIC - PRO KIT (5ct Box)

LOGIC PRO Kit - Capsule Vaporizer  

LOGIC PRO advanced vapor systems is the latest most sophisticated e-Liquid vaporizer of it's kind on the market. The patent pending disposable cartridge technology allows you to enjoy the same great LOGIC flavors and have a more fulfilling vape experience. Simple and safe, the intelligent lock system stops accidental activation. It offers you “grab and go” convenience and spillage safety; you can take a refill cartridge with you when you travel to make sure you don’t miss a puff.

LOGIC PRO vaporizer produces much thicker, fuller vapor than LOGIC e-cigs. So if you prefer that fuller smoking experience, then vaping with the LOGIC Pro vaporizer should be your pick.

- Easy to use and maintain.

- Uses convenient disposable capsule cartridges.

- More puffs than most e-cigs, less mess than vape pens