SOL VAPOR - 2pk PODS (5ct Box)

Each pack of SOL replacement PODS  has 2 Pods in it. Each is 2ml in juice capacity.

Compataible with Sol Device

Available in 8 flavors 

Tobacco: Each inhales and exhale drape your taste buds in all these notes that will keep you coming back for more draws.  

Strawberry Lycee: A sweet, sparkling vape nectar with the nuclear force of the sun!

Mango: The delicious flavor of ripe, juicy mangoes.

Watermelon: Each hit of this flavor is just like biting into a ripe, freshly cut piece of watermelon that is just bursting with mouthwatering goodness.

Spearmint: This pod flavor is perfect for anyone who used to enjoy menthol-flavored tobacco. 

Mystery Pop: When all you want is a bit of sweet and fruity vape mystery in your life, just grab the SOL Device and take a few puffs of Mighty Vapors SOL Mystery Pop Pod.

Strawberry Cream: Ripe, succulent strawberries, chilled watermelon and the exotic tartness of juicy passionfruit.

Blueberry Razz: Delicious blueberry and raspberry flavors with a splash of fresh mint.