ZiiP Iced Pods 1ML Replacement Compatible Pods for - Display of 10 Packs 

ZiiP Lab S.A develops high quality e-juices for the best e-cigarette devices available on the market. Try the new Iced flavors with a nicotine strengths of 50mg on select flavors


Iced Blueberry
The sweet taste of fresh blueberries with a satisfying rush if icy menthol

Iced Mango
Filled with the tastes of ripe, freshly-picked mangos with a rush of Iced Menthol

Iced Watermelon
The sweat refreshing taste of a icey watermelon

Iced Pina Colada
Pina Colada flavor with an icey hit will make you feel like your relaxing on an exotic beach

Iced Pineapple
Have you ever had frozen pineapples? If not prepare to be amazed by the delicoius flavor

Iced Orange
Think of how refreshing fresh oranges are. Now think how refreshing they would be with an icey hit added

Iced Strawberry
Fresh sweet strawberries with and icey hi that will leave you satisfied